My interest in the beauty industry started when I was very young because I was surrounded by family members who did nails. After years of having them do my nails I started doing my own and quickly found a love for it. In high school word spread and I began to give my friends and I the trendiest nails around. I wanted to turn my hobby into something more so I acquired my Nail License at Cameo School of beauty located in Murray, Utah. While in nail school I was fortunate to learn all different types of enhancements such as acrylics, fabric wraps, and hard gel. However I found my niche with shellac polish, loving the control it offered for nail art as well as having much less fumes than other products.  After graduating from Cameo I got my start at Nailed, a natural nail salon in Salt Lake City that doesn’t offer enhancements such as acrylics. Upon relocating with my beau to Texas I began working at a North Austin salon named Plum Natural Nails that stayed in line with my ideas of creating beautiful nails without the harsh fumes or excessive filing.

After working at Plum for 2 years I decided to make the next step, applied the things I had learned, and open a mini-salon at Salons by J.C – Davenport Village. Here I have been able to take my skills to the next level; having more control over what products are used and my continuing education. In the future I hope to branch out into other mediums such as acrylic dipping powder and sculpted nails.

With Nails by Stormi I strive to provide a relaxing  safe environment, with focus on sanitation and cleanliness. Every service receives high quality materials and the same attention to detail; even if you don’t add nail art or sparkle your nails are sure to stand out.